Solstice MAXI™
Multi-position 12 x 20ml LED Photoreactor

SOLSTICE MAXI is a high-power, multi-position photoreactor for parallel batch synthesis.

It is a scale-up version of the SOLSTICE multi-position photoreactor that, although only slightly larger externally, accommodates 12 x 20ml septum sealed tube reactors, as opposed to 12 x 8ml as in the original.

Both versions of the SOLSTICE fit onto standard (135mm) laboratory magnetic stirrers ensuring that each tube is efficiently stirred.

Temperature control of the reactors is achieved by connecting the SOLSTICE to either a cold water supply (for reactions at ambient temperature) or a suitable recirculator.

The SOLSTICE MAXI may be used with the same BOREALIS LED lights and power supplies as the SOLSTICE, however, new taller BOREALIS MAXI LED lamp units which give optimised illumination of the tube reactors are also available.

BOREALIS LED lamps are available in both 180W and 120W versions. The former is driven by a digital power supply unit that can be controlled remotely and displays both the internal reactor and LED backplate temperatures through an LED display.

The more compact 120W 'Scholar' PSU (shown opposite) is designed for standalone operation. LED intensity can be adjusted using the rotary control knob and the internal reactor temperature can be monitored with a digital thermometer.

Features and benefits:


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