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Delay A Con. Vol. A Delay B Con. Vol. B Delay C Con. Vol. C Delay D Con. Vol. D Reac. Vol. 1 Res. Time 1 Reac. Vol. 2 Res. Time 2
A: ml/min   B: ml/min   C: ml/min   D: ml/min  

A: ml/min   B: ml/min   C: ml/min   D: ml/min  
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Delay C: :: Delay D: ::

This calculator that allows you to find the minimum pressure required to keep the solvent liquid when using our FlowSyn™ unit.

Simply choose your solvent and enter your desired working temperature. If your solvent is not listed choose 'Other' and enter in the entropy of vaporization and known boiling point.


* Exact entropy of vaporization unknown

** This is a suggested value based upon an estimated calculation of the entropy of vaporization using the boiling point of the solvent at atmospheric pressure (Trouton-Hildebrand-Everett rule) and is intended to be used as a guide only.

You must have at least pump A or B enabled!
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