Glass Static Mixer/Reactors
Effective, controlled turbulent mixing

To achieve high reproducibility and facilitate scale-up the control of mixing and temperature is essential, particularly for highly exothermic or fast, mixing-dependent reactions. Uniqsis glass static mixer/reactor blocks (GSM)s produce an efficient, turbulent mixed reagent stream that is not diffusion dependent.

They can be used as mixing modules prior to a coil reactor residence time unit, or as reactor blocks in their own right suitable for rapid exothermic reaction such as metallations and nitrations. Reagent input streams run through tempering channels to equilibrate their temperatures prior to merging at the mixing point. The 'chips' are precision machined from inert borosilicate glass to withstand a wide temperature range, and can be conveniently attached to the FlowSyn column heater module or on top of either the Cold Coil and Polar Bear Plus cryogenic reactor modules.

Connections can be conveniently made using standard threaded HPLC fittings utilising an 'O'-ring seal to ensure effective finger-tight sealing without the need for any tools.


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