FlowLab Plus
Modular flow chemistry system for maximum flexibility

FlowLab Plus™ is a customisable flow chemistry system based around the Uniqsis Binary Pump™ dual channel reagent delivery system that offers the chemist the optimal solution in terms of flexibility and scope for modification. All FlowLab Plus systems may be operated via dedicated Wi-Fi

The system can be configured in a variety of ways with different pump and reactor options to run both manual and automated flow chemistry reactions.

PUMPS: Start with the BPM (Binary Pump Module) 2-channel reagent delivery module - additional standalone pumps or another BPM may be added to increase the number of available input channels.

REACTORS: Any combination of up to 4 reactor modules may be added selecting from: HotCoil™ heated coil reactor, HotChip™ heated 'chip' (GSM) reactor, Polar Bear Plus Flow™ (heated/cooled coil reactor), or the Polar Bear Plus GSM™ (heated/cooled 'chip') reactor modules.
All coil reactor modules can be converted to multi-position column reactors by fitting the HotColumn Adaptor™.

DETECTORS: The Flow-UV™ is a solid state, in-line UV-Vis detector specifically designed for flow chemistry applications. It is ideal for monitoring dispersion in real-time and thereby ensuring that product or sample collection is initiated at the optimum moment.

SOFTWARE and FRACTION COLLECTION: 2-channel systems configured to run single experiments may be controlled by the software supplied with the Binary Pump Module.
However, for 3/4 channel systems and/or combinations with a fraction collector that are enabled to perform experiments in sequence, the FlowControl II™ software package is required. This software also allows all experiment details and data to be saved and/or reloaded.

The Auto-LF™ II upgrade package may also be added to automate the filling of all reagent sample loops.


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