Equipment Tables
Make best use of your fumehood space!

Often overlooked, Uniqsis equipment tables help to organise and best use of your fumehood space and are especially useful when assembling modular flow chemistry systems.

Our stands are fabricated from epoxy coated steel with welded corners and are extremely strong!
They are available in 3 sizes:

UQ1022-N   Small 31cm x 43cm x 36cm (d/w/h)
UQ1022-W  Medium 31cm x 55cm x 36cm (d/w/h)
UQ1022-L    Large 50cm x 70cm x 22cm (d/w/h)

The large table is designed to allow instruments to be lifted off the fumehood base which both helps to protect them from spillages but also makes space underneath for reagents, sample vials, and tools.


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