Cold Coil MkII™
Versatile standalone heating and cooling module for coils and GSMs

The Uniqsis Cold Coil MkII is a versatile independent reactor module that can be either heated or cooled by connection to an external recirculator.
It is compatible with all Uniqsis coil reactors and can be upgraded to accommodate Uniqsis glass static mixing blocks (GSMs) to facilitate temperature controlled mixing. A temperature probe located inside the module ensures accurate and uniform temperatures are maintained over the course of the reaction.

When combined with FlowSyn or BPM and a suitable recirculating chiller it can cool reactions down to -80°C (depending on chiller capacity). When combined with a heating recirculator and suitable thermal fluid, it can heat reactions up to +150°C.

The Cold Coil Mk II has been specifically designed to integrate with the Uniqsis PhotoSyn flow-through photoreactor such that light leakage is completely prevented without the need for a dedicated enclosure.


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