Ammonite 8
Compact Electrochemical Flow Reactor

The Ammonite 8 is a compact electrochemical flow cell that is compatible with Uniqsis FlowSyn and FlowLab flow chemistry pumping systems.

The Ammonite family of electrolysis cells are designed to make electrosynthesis a routine and user friendly procedure in synthetic chemistry laboratories. The unique cell design combines selective chemical change with a high conversion. Synthesis is in a single pass of reactant through the microflow electrolysis cell despite a short residence time. These characteristics allow the synthesis of grams of product within a short time. The cells are also suited to electrosynthesis using solutions with only a low electrolyte solution.

Whilst throughputs of up to grams per hour are achievable with the Ammonite 8, the larger Ammonite 15 can deliver 10s of grams per hour.


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