FlowLab Plus™
Modular flow chemistry system for maximum flexibility

FlowLab Plus™ is a versatile flow chemistry system built around the Uniqsis Binary Pump dual channel reagent delivery system. The system is configured to run both manual and automated flow chemistry reactions.
It is the modular equivalent of the FlowSyn integrated flow reactor.

The standard system is supplied complete with 2x HotCoils, or 1x HotCoil and 1x Polar Bear Plus Flow reactor modules - up to 2x additional modules can be added later, as required.

The reactor modules are compatible with all Uniqsis coil reactors. Column reactors can also be fitted by adding the HotColumn accessory and Uniqsis glass Static reactor/mixer Chips can be mounted on the Polar Bear Plus by specifying the additional 'chip' holder.

The system is supplied with a laptop and control app. that also enables secure Wi-Fi control using the wireless router supplied.

Adding Uniqsis FlowControl software permits integration with a fraction collector and enables much more sophisticated reaction automation (including automated sample loop filling, if required, using Auto-LF) with the ability to program up to 100 independent experiments.


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