Gas Addition Module II (GAM II)
Gas-liquid coil reactor

The Gas Addition Module II (GAM II) is a coil reactor that permits gas to be introduced 'on-demand' to reactions performed under flow-through conditions.The gas diffuses through a length of gas-permeable DuPont AF2400 membrane tubing that runs inside the whole length of the outer coil reactor tubing containing the liquid phase.
The gas and liquid phases do not come into direct contact with each other.

The annular design ensures that the flowing liquid phase does not contain any undissolved gas bubbles, thereby ensuring greater stability, consistent flow rates and reproducible residence times.
To ensure the most efficient heat transfer, the standard outer reactor tubing is manufactured from 316 stainless steel, although other options such as thick wall PTFE, Hastelloy and PTFE-lined stainless steel are available to special order.

For maximum flexibility, the GAM II coil reactor is based upon a standard Uniqsis coil reactor mandrel. It is therefore compatible not only with FlowSyn, but also with the Polar Bear Plus Flow and Standalone Cold Coil. Moreover, where longer residence times and/or higher throughputs are required, up to 2 of these reactors may be fitted in series to each of these instruments.

To facilitate management of the gas input an optional stainless steel Gas Manifold fitted with a pressure gauge and safety burst valve is also available.


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